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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Card 9-The Hermit

The Hermit represents reflection and solitude. It is the monk who retreats away from society. It is the wise shaman who is found only in the hidden caves of a mountain side. It is the priest who takes sabbatical away from society in a vow of silence. It is the mountain yogi. It is mercy reflecting on beauty.

The Hermit resides on the path between Chesed (Mercy) and Tipareth (Beauty) on the Tree of Life. The Hermit has had the vision of the Beauty of things and finds himself being drawn toward Mercy. He begins to retreat from the material world to reflect upon beauty, thus growing closer to the Divine beauty of life.

If the Hermit is drawn by itself or in a spread (though it depends upon the surrounding cards) in the positive aspect it is an indication that a time for solace or reflection is needed. It is a time to pull away from your material world and reflect upon your life in the spiritual world or spiritual sense. Depending upon the question asked it could mean that counsel is needed in the question at hand. In the negative aspect it could mean that you have refused sage advice or counsel. It could mean that you are clinging to your own bad habits or things that are unproductive in your life that others have pointed out to you as being harmful to yourself. It could also mean that you are harboring unfounded thoughts about another and need to reflect upon the basis of those thoughts. In the entirety the Hermit in your spread means the lessons you need to learn or are learning are that of the Hermit in all his attributes. It is a time to reflect in the quiet of the moment and a time of introspection.

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