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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For Attention

For attention…

Do you ever come across those writings where you shake your head and say “for attention”. I have come across quite a few in the last few weeks that I have to stop and wonder if it has something to do with the full moon we had recently! It is not that I do not think people should have a right to voice their complaints, questions, fears, or the like but at times I wonder if they really are just doing it for attention.

To provide a frame of reference I have written for a few places that offer advise and help to others in need. The need may be anything from physical to spiritual, but a need and a request for help. Well, it seems there are those in life who regardless of what you say to them want to reply with the negative. They want to say that nothing works, that they have tried everything, and that there could not possibly be another solution. However, they then again ask the same question.

In order to preserve my own sanity as it would be I must remind myself when dealing with such persons that they are simply in dire need of attention. I provide my advice, and I move along. It is not up to me to fill that void completely, but I can provide a bit of insight and plant the seed. That is probably the most difficult part about giving any sort of advice is that we must remember that at times we are just the sower, not the reaper.

So, in short, do not stop giving advice and helping those out who need help. Remember that you are not always going to be able to do it for the person. The person may have to very well learn for themselves and have that experience for their own journey.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Another's Path

We may not always understand another's path, or even necessarily feel it fits with our own perceptions and/or perspectives, but we should avoid making fun of that path if it is indeed helping that person to better their spirit. ~ Anora 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cleaning the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen
Help for the significant other
Anora Eldorath 2010

Welcome to the second installment of our series on helping your significant other with household chores. We tackled the bathroom first because it is possibly the dirtiest area of the home and one that is used frequently. The second room we’ll tackle is the second most used room in the home the kitchen. More so than the bathroom, though one could argue they are equal, the kitchen is a place that needs to be clean because this is the place you are preparing meals. The diseases range from e-coli to salmonella. A recent study shown on CBS Early Show resulted in one woman having a 250 million count of bacteria inside her refrigerator fruit drawer. That’s not a good sign for anyone in the family.

So, how does one attack that menacing room that glares at you with fire and brimstone with the challenge, “I dare you”? Well, I like to work down so that I’m not going over freshly clean areas to get to dirty areas. Let’s start by first making sure that everything is in its place. It’s a good idea before actually cleaning with products that you put up food, remove paperwork, and any other unnecessary items.

Once all items are put in their proper location it’s time to begin with the nitty gritty. I begin with the dishes and get all of those out of the way. This simply makes sense as there will be no utensils to get dirty. Ideally dishes are done after each meal, but I also like to make sure the kitchen is properly cleaned up daily to reduce the risk of germs.

Once the dishes are washed, dried, and put up get a clean cloth and use your cleaner to wipe down the outside of all of the cabinets. Move on to clean out the microwave and stove top thoroughly. Remember to remove the internal table from the microwave and clean it with hot soapy water. Also remember that wiping down the stove involves taking the heating elements off, and scrubbing the metal rims as well as inside the stove top where droppings may have become trapped. Do not forget to wipe down the front of the stove and vent hood as well. (I only clean the inside of the stove as needed when spills occur). Once you have cleaned the metal rims and put them back, and replace the heating elements.

Next we can move to the counter tops, which should ideally be cleaned anytime they are used but always a good idea when you are cleaning down the kitchen. You can disinfect for germs using one tablespoon of bleach to one gallon of water.

Next move to the refrigerator. It is a good idea to clean out the refrigerator at least once a week, but if you wipe daily you will be ahead of the game. Cleaning the refrigerator goes beyond just a quick door wipe. You want to get all parts of the outside, but you also want to clean the inside. If your freezer needs defrosting by all means do so, but with most of the modern freezers this is no longer an issue. Simply remove the food, wipe clean, and place the food back into the freezer. Repeat with the refrigerator when cleaning it out during your weekly clean. If you are doing just a day to day spot check simply wipe down any spills and dirt. The area that should be wiped down daily though is the seal around the doors. This is where you will find the most trapped bacteria. A simple solution is to rubber band a clean dishcloth around your spatula (the one with a slight point or you can also use the handle), dip the end in your cleaning solution and run this through the crevices of the seal. Do not forget to also wash out your fruit and vegetable trays as well as under and behind them.

When done with the refrigerator it is time to move to the kitchen sink and drains. It is a good idea to run a mixture of cleaning solution through your drains every now and then to help them proper functionally. A trick with the garbage disposal is to run ice through it once a month to help maintain it. Make sure to scrub the drain tops, as well as all crevices around your sink as these areas collect bacteria as well.

The last area I complete is the floor. For day to day cleaning I use a swifter jet with antibacterial cleaner, which works nicely. Once a week though I will wash the floor with bleach water to help kill any germs. As I mentioned in my last article this does require a bit of elbow grease. It means pulling out the stove and washing beneath it., as well as washing beneath the refrigerator.

When all done a simple vase of flowers to brighten up your cooking area can be brought in. I also like to light a small lavender candle to add to the rich scents already found in my kitchen when cooking.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hug a tree!

Need to ground yourself? Hug a tree or walk barefoot! Though it sounds like something a child does when at play, it is one of the quickest ways a person can ground themselves and return to nature.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Discussion: Cooking with healing herbs

Discussion: What healing herbs do you use daily or in your weeks cooking? How do you use them? What are their properties?

Purdue OWL: Paraphrase

Many seem to be misled that changing an author's words around means they have paraphrased, and haven't committed plagiarism. This is a misnomer. For help in this area consult Purdue's Online Writing Lab at:

OWL: Paraphrase

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cleaning the Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom

Help for the significant other

Anora Eldorath 2010

I have decided to do a series of short articles on helping one’s significant other around the home. After much time in my own relationships, and watching that of friends I’ve come to the conclusion that part of the confusion comes from simply not knowing how to do or perform a task. It is not that the partner is unwilling, in a sense, it is that they do not know and are embarrassed to ask how the task should be done. It is not to say that every significant other falls into this category, but to help prevent arguments and heated discussions world wide, I have taken to the paper to outline my simple solutions to these places of interest.

So, the first area I’ve decided to march into is the bathroom. Oh, it’s the dreaded place of filth and villainy. It at times makes Jabba’s palace look like a hospital room and this is definitely something we want to try to eradicate with a bit of instruction. Though all of us have our own methodology for tackling this unsavory job, I’ll be putting my own unique twist on the subject, as well as throwing out some thoughts here and there to keep in mind when doing this task or any task we speak about in the near future.

One of my quick solutions is to know that the vacuum is our friend. I have found, for myself, that living in a home where long hair is the norm and shedding seems to match that of Chewbacca a vacuum can save a great deal of aggravation. Simply use your attachment nozzle before you begin to get all of the hair off the floor, counters, sink, and tub. This also is nice because you’ll have far less small dirt to worry about when washing the floor.

After this, I simply stash the waste can, and laundry bin outside the door. This keeps them out of the way for when I wash the floor. I then start with the sink. Carefully remove all items from the sink and place them on the back of your toilet (unless already occupied in which case you can place them safely outside the door in the floor). Use a soft scrub soap or gentle spray cleaner and apply to all parts of the sink, along with the counter. Now, I have a sonic scrubber that I invested in which saves a bit of time, take an old toothbrush and scrub the crevices of the nozzle on all sides. Do not forget to get inside the faucet so that you can get any build up and prevent the spread of germs. Return items to their proper places when you are finished.

After I am done with this I move on to the mirror. Wipe the mirror down with proper cleaning solutions designed for windows. This will cut down on streaking and residue on the surface of the mirror. In the past using old newspapers were advisable, but today with the change in inks this can lead to even further streaking so using a plain cotton cloth is advisable. You can use an old cotton (clean) diaper. You can also purchase pre-soaked wipes at local grocers that work as well. However, if you are environmentally conscious re-using cleaning cloths is the best.

I then move on to the toilet. This is more then just a quick wipe of the top of the seat to make it “look pretty”. You need to use a little elbow grease. Wipe down the water tank, top lid, the ledge between the water tank and seat, the sides of the bowl, and the entire base of the toilet including the back. I do the inside of the toilet last. Use a bit of toilet cleaner designed for inside the toilet and a brush. Scrub the underneath of the rim because this is where germs grow. Again, a bit of elbow grease goes a long way to get all the nasty grime done and gone.

I then move on to the tub. Again, this is not just about closing the shower curtain/door and running a bit of water. Elbow grease is needed to get all of the soap scum. The use of a good soap scum cleaner is your best solution. You can purchase these in environmentally friendly versions, but one is recommended to make your life easier. If you have persistent soap scum you may want to try spraying the shower down before you clean the bathroom so that by the time you reach the tub it has had time to set. I own a sonic scrubber and I have found it to be a life saver where soap scum is concerned, but any scrub brush will work. Use a soft scrub cleanser and begin at the top of the shower and work your way down. If you have items that you keep in your shower area removes them before cleaning and replaces them when you are done. Do not forget to scrub the shower head and faucets the same way you did the sink. Remember, this water is meant to clean you and germs do grow in wet environments. Proper cleaning cuts down on these pests. If you have a detachable shower head you can use that to rinse all of the soap down the drain, if not simply use a glass or pitcher to clean off the soap residue. Do not forget to clean your shower curtain on a regular basis as well. Spray it down with a gentle soap scum remover, let set, and then rinse gently. This will allow you to keep your shower curtain longer.

Once you are done with all of these items, give your ceiling fan a quick clean. Most have an easy eject system consisting of two prongs-one on either side. You can use an old toothbrush or a sonic brush to clean off the dust, followed up by a dust cloth to wipe down any residue. This will keep your fan in good working order if remembered often. If your fan collects dust, simply use a vacuum attachment to clean this out.


If you have bric-a-brac, pictures, and other items in the bathroom make sure these receive a thorough dusting often. Make sure that all items are put up in their proper place, and not left lying about.

Once all of these items are done, cabinets wiped down, you are ready to wash the floor. Using a steam mop is the best clean you can receive in today’s technology, but it certainly is not the only way to clean. A swifter jet or those like it are great for every day cleaning, but if you are like most and can only get to your bathroom once a week it is best to simply put the gloves on and get down on your knees. Make sure your water is hot and soapy. There is much debate to the use of harsh chemicals, and though I happen to like to use bleach now and then I respect that some of the natural cleaners can be just as good for cleaning germs. The prime ones that grow in your bathroom are Candida as well as Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and Lactobacillus, and a few others that are just as problematic. Make sure to get a cleaner for your floors that will eliminate or at least cut down on these bacteria.

Allow your bathroom to dry, and freshen it up with a vanilla or lavender scented candle.

While you are cleaning, keep in mind that this is a sacred act. Each act we do on a daily basis is in a sense a connection between our own souls and the Divine Cosmic force. It matters not what path or faith you follow, this is a mind set that can be adapted regardless of your path. For some, the word “chore” has become a fuse for arguments and resentments on both sides of the relationship. And yet, it is something that is a must in order to stay healthy. To change one’s attitude before taking on this task will allow one to enjoy and reap the benefits of this part of life. The cleaning of the bathroom no longer becomes a task of dirty floors, urine stains, and smells, but one of mindful meditation. It becomes the place in which we connect with the Divine, in which we scour away all negativity in the area in which we cleanse our physical body. It now incorporates the cleansing of our spiritual body.


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The Importance of Patience

The following quote by HH the Dalai Lama is wonderful! It is something we can all meditate upon.

"The most important benefit of patience consists in the way it acts as a powerful antidote to the affliction of anger - the greatest threat to our inner peace, and therefore our happiness. The mind, or spirit, is not physical, it cannot be touched or harmed directly. Only negative thoughts and emotions can harm it. Therefore, only the corresponding positive quality can protect it." ~H.H. the Dalai Lama

Censored Gulf News

If you live in the gulf coast please read this article regarding the contamination that "really" exists! It's sick that this has been covered up!

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