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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blessed Samhain

Blessed Samhain my dear friends. May today bring bounty for the winter months. To my southern friends may your summer be well and fruitful! I am so very thankful for all of you! Blessings.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Easy scry mirror

One 8x10 picture frame w/glass
black spray paint

Take the glass out of the frame and place it on the newspaper.
(Remember to do this project in a well ventilated area)
Spray evenly with black spray paint.
Let dry.
Put the glass back in the picture frame so that painted side is down against the backing of the frame. You want the non painted glass side facing you once the frame is together.

Now you have an instant scrying mirror for the frugal pocket book.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Horizons

I'm just expanding my horizons and reader base. I hope to find more clients who write in with their questions from

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One does not equal the other

This is the time of the year for the parting of the veil between worlds. It is also a time when in the mundane we seem to see more "crime, violence, etc". Just remember now to associate one with the other, because correlation does not always equal causation.Just because you see a man dressed in black wearing an inverted cross does not mean this man is evil. Just as if you happen to see a man dressed all in white carrying flowers does not mean this man is good.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wee ones and Halloween sweets

This can be a time where wee one's want to indulge in a teensy bit too many sweets. Plan ahead. Invest in snack size zip lock bags and after the pillaging is done sit down with your wee one and let them make up bags to eat throughout the weeks to come. (You can freeze chocolate for 6-12 months if stored perfectly in airtight containers to give you an estimate).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kids, Halloween/Samhain, and Fear

As we move closer to Samhain/Halloween little ones may become overwhelmed by the number of scary items in stores, windows, and so forth. Remember to take the time to talk to them about their fears and help them feel safe.

Parents and your child's visits away from home

This is a service announcement for all parents, grandparents, and those who care for young children. If you are dropping your child off a friend's home to play or spend the night take the time to get out of your car and escort your child safely to the door.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How much should I eat?

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans inside of My Pyramide published by USDA, they recommended the follow number of calories per day that you should eat:

For a person who practices 30 minutes or less of moderate physical activity, the number of calories that they should eat
Children--------2-3 years old 1000 calories
Children--------4-8 years old 1200-1400 calories
Girls-------------9-13 years old 1600 calories
Boys------------9-13 years old 1800 calories
Girls------------14-18 years old 1800 calories
Boys-----------14-18 years old 2200 calories
Females-------19-30 years old 2000 calories
Males----------19-30 years old 2400 calories
Females-------31-50 years old 1800 calories
Males----------31-50 years old 2200 calories
Females-------51+ years old 1600 calories
Males----------51+ years old 2000 calories

For a person who practices 30 minutes to at least 60 minutes or more of moderate physical activity, the number of calories that they should eat:
Children--------2-3 years old 1000-1400 calories
Children--------4-8 years old 1400-1800 calories
Girls-------------9-13 years old 1600-2200 calories
Boys-------------9-13 years old 1800-2600 calories
Girls------------14-18 years old 2000-2400 calories
Boys------------14-18 years old 2400-3200 calories
Females-------19-30 years old 2000-2400 calories
Males----------19-30 years old 2600-3000 calories
Females-------31-50 years old 2000-2200 calories
Males----------31-50 years old 2400-3000 calories
Females-------50+ years old 1800-2200 calories
Males----------50+ years old 2200-2800 calories

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If you are not yet familiar with Babaji the following article has a great deal of information regarding him and his life.



Monday, October 11, 2010

10-10-10 Q/A

Question: What was the big deal with 10-10-10?

Well yesterday was an interesting date in reference to the Kabbalah. In the Kabbalah the numbers 10-10-10 equate to the sphere of Keter (Kether) on the Tree of Life. The most simplistic explanation of Keter is that it translates as the Crown and represents the Light. For example, in Middle Pillar rituals one envisions drawing down the spiritual Light,hence the Light of Keter. Keter is the last sphere on the Tree of Life just beneath the three negative spheres of existence. Keter is representative of Perfection. So yesterday was interesting because it was not only Sun Day but also 10-10-10.

Also, any time you have three numbers in a row it is considered a Master number. Generally is numbers 1-9, but can relate to larger numbers such as this. We almost seem to recognize something inherently special about it because of the arrangement of numbers. To our minds two numbers in a row could be random, but three numbers in a row seems more purposeful, more intentional. Similar to if a person says something three times in a row it is believed they must really mean it. Likewise the first true geometric shape is a triangle which has there sides. A dot is just dot, a line is just a line, but when you connect three lines together you get a triangle. So, one of the first geometric forms capable of holding something, and one of the first geometric forms that is something unto itself.

This is why we tend to view these sorts of days as special or somehow mystical. In theory some part of us recognizes this and that is why we view it as special or having mystical importance. Then when you consider dates they take on a special significance because it is rare, because it only happens once a year at most, and 10-10-10 only occurs once in a thousand years.


Halloween Tarot Readings

Now scheduling Halloween Tarot readings. Book your appointment now. For a live session via phone schedule using my link for Keen. If you want an email or Facebook Chat reading (payable in advance using paypal) drop me a note.

Enjoy your week.

Enjoy the week! Take a walk outside in the fall air (or summer air for my Southern friends), make a bird feeder, stop and watch the worms, feed the ducks, decorate for Halloween/Samhain, watch the clouds, float a boat, play in the park, swing, sit in the grass, and simply breathe.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The best diet tip

On another forum that I participate in the question was asked "What is your best diet tip". The following is my response:

The best advice I can give you is EAT. When I started D.I.V.I.N.E. (a healthy lifestyle support group via our pagan group) years ago I set out to research all of the diet fads, doctors comments, and so forth on the subject and one thing is clear, you need to eat. What do you eat? Real food. The problem with most fad diets is that they strip you of real food asking you to purchase their shakes, bars, etc or they put you on ridiculous food amounts and types telling you that you're really doing your body good.

The reason why most women will see instant results on most fad diets (the first week or so) is because they are losing water weight. I confirmed this by speaking with local physicians and dietitians in the area. So why are these programs "selling" so many books and so forth? It's plain and simple people simply want a solution and will try anything once. The problem with this, and I can personally attest to this, is that these diet scams do a number on your metabolism. They literally send your body into starvation mode and that is a mode that is very difficult to break once it is set in. What is starvation mode? Starvation mode is a defense mechanism your body has to protect itself if you should ever be without food. In our day and age there is no shortage of food but I know just how difficult it is to choose.

So, what is the solution? The best changes I've found personally as well as spoken about by dietitian/nutritionists is getting back to real food. So what is real food? Real food is the food that is natural for us to eat and that our bodies can convert to energy as well as help with fat burning. Now every one has a slightly different body make-up so some foods work for others better but that is a matter of simply understanding how foods make you feel. I saw an interesting discussion yesterday evening talking about insulin and the body, and this is a very real issue in our community where HFCS is found in everything including items that are marketed as being healthy for us.

So let's try to look at this as simplistically as possible and yes I'm oversimplifying for sake of space. The first thing one needs to realize is that sugar causes our insulin level to spike, this is a normal body reaction. However, when we do this all of the time our livers cannot properly function. When we add HFCS to the mix our body's ability to produce insulin is inhibited. (Reuters health). What insulin does with excess sugar is store it as "bad fat". Meaning fat our body cannot use efficiently so it stores it. When our liver cannot flush out system that fat never leaves. Now add in the processed foods (some of them marketed as healthy) to the mix and your liver cannot function to detox or rid the body of fat. Hence the vicious cycle.

Now fat is not a bad thing, but the "fakes" are very bad for our system. So back to what is real food. Real fats to use are things like olive oil, coconut oil, and real butter. Yes, real butter! Your body will thank you. In terms of sugars some are ok because our body knows what to do with them such as real fruits (nothing canned) and veggies. Those types of carbs help our body. However, all these cereals marketed as whole grain, etc are very bad for our systems as they convert immediately to a sugar that our body cannot use. So switching to sprout based breads/cereals, rice, and sweet potatoes can help your body have the sugars it can use without converting it to fat.

Once your liver is not being taxed with all of the chemicals in your foods you'll find that your body will start to drop the fat slowly and as already mentioned consistently. It is never a good idea to loose more than 2-5 pounds per week.

So, in short, when planning your new life long change get rid of all your processed foods, switch your fats out to healthy fats (empty out all of the artificial stuff), and start eating single whole foods. Meaning, if you are going to get a protein eat the actual protein such as a piece of steak, a slice of fish, etc. Get rid of all the gimmick diet foods, bars, etc. Don't worry about counting calories, begin to listen to your body. I'd keep a journal during this process so you know how foods affect you and change your menu accordingly.

I wish you the best of luck.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Friends, we are coming up on the nine day celebration of Navaratri and I thought I'd share what another shared with me, the colors for the nine days, as well as a link to read about this celebration. Namaste!

Navratri Colors

1. Pratipada Oct 8, 2010 (Friday) – Green
2. Dwitiya Oct 9 (Saturday) – Grey
3. Tritiya Oct 10 (Sunday) – Pink
...4. Chaturthi Oct 11 (Monday) – White
5. Panchami Oct 12 (Tuesday) – Red
6. Shasti Oct 13 (Wednesday) – Blue
7. Saptami Oct 14 (Thursday) – Yellow
8. Ashtami Oct 15 (Friday) – Violet/Purple
9. Navami Oct 16 (Saturday) – Peacock Green

A short article/synopsis of the celebration:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Be ready to listen...

All it takes sometimes is to ask "What's wrong" to allow a person to share. It is a vulnerable position, so be prepared to listen with your heart that you might hear all that is said and unsaid. Do not think you have to solve the problem, as they may simply be trying to work out a solution for themselves. And they just may find it beneficial to share this problem several times. Patience and love.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Take the Veggies & Fruit Pledge

Veggie & Fruit Pledge

We could all benefit from eating more veggies and fruits! The always food, as Cookie Monster would say!


Monday, October 4, 2010

ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween

ABC Family is a bit shy this year of their usual 31 days of Halloween as done in the past but they are still giving us 13 scary nights of family friendly fun.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Calming Chant

I could not find the author to the following calming chant but I found it useful and wanted to pass it along.


Chant this simple rhyme whenever you feel worried or scared.

I am peaceful, I am strong
Though dark may seem so long.
For day must follow every night,
Everything is alright.
I am always safe from harm,
The Goddess holds me in her arms.