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Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day 2012

To all the women in my life enjoy a beautiful International's Women's Day! I hope that you are told by all how very special and important you are and that you're voice matters!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weight Loss Encouragement

I found a page with a calculator for more than just weight/height, it adds in your waist measurement. Now as I'm always confused as if they want our natural waist or over the belly button (as women measure their waist differently for clothing) I've done it both ways. In my natural waist I'm at 24% body fat but still considered obese at a 39 BMI. If I measure over my belly button which is now mostly a skin pouch (sorry to be grapic gentleman) it still keeps me at tghe 39 BMI but moves me to 37% body fat. My guess is that I have excess skin that could be removed if I had insurance and monies for such an operation and without it of course I'd be a few pounds lighter but even if I stayed at the 25% body fat that's actually in between what is considered acceptable body fat (14-31%). Just some inspiration for other women in my predicament that more we work out the more muscle we gain, we start to slim out but still have mommy skin, and unfortunately the BMI scale just doesn't account for that. : ) Embrace your measuring tapes ladies!