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Monday, January 24, 2011

Card 17-The Star

The Star represents the beacon of light present or about to become present in your life that inspires a change in consciousness or change in spiritual awareness. It is the guiding light that leads one to the truth. It is the fountain of youth that leads one to enlightenment. It is like Athena or Juno.

The Star falls on the path between Netsach (Victory) and Yesod (Foundation) on the Tree of Life. Its placement is in the astral triangle and in this we are reminded that it is not the stars, the moon, or even the heavens we seek. What we are seeking is the True Light, the source of the Light. As Crowley once , every man and every woman is a star. We are but beacons of light reflecting the light of the Divine source.

If the Star is drawn by itself or in a tarot reading it represents in the positive a chance in mental, spiritual, and even physical understanding. We find hope and inspiration. We gain confidence in the situation at hand. In the negative it can represent self-doubt and a lack of trust in others. It may represent that the Querent is stubborn and unwilling to move forward perhaps even ready to fall to earth. Much does depend upon surrounding cards but we are reminded in both to keep in mind the true Light and that we too will shine with the light once that path is accepted.

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