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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Card 11-Justice

Justice represents justice through truth and balance. It is like Maat or Themis who are over judgment, truth, and balance. It is akin to the way justice is depicted in American legal systems with scales, sword, and a blindfold. It is impartial, always truthful, and blind to deceit.

On the Tree of Life Justice sits on the path between Tipareth (Beauty) and Geburah (Severity). We could say that it is severity balanced by beauty. Justice along with Strength, and The Hermit forms the ethical triangle.

When one draws Justice in a tarot reading it symbolizes a legal matter though this matter is dependent upon the surrounding cards. This may be a legal matter as in the typical, but it may also be a signing of agreements where purchases are concerned, organizations, schooling, or even spiritual institutions are concerned. The negative could mean perhaps an injustice in your path or the matter at hand. Again it does depend greatly upon the surrounding cards. The lesson of Justice is to temper justice with compassion.

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