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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Card 14-Temperance

Temperance is just what it states, the ability to cooperate and coordinate and balance. It is the well balanced outlook on the journey of life. It is the god Apollo or goddess Artemis as the hunter. It is like Ares as the Rainbow. It is the calm after the storm when all is balanced as it should be.

Temperance falls on the path way between Tipareth (Beauty) and Yesod (Foundation) on the Tree of Life. It is this relation between Tipareth and Yesod that we can look at Temperance as being the blending of the beginning and the end of all that is beauty. It is foundation leading to beauty or supporting beauty. Yesod is often said to be the seat of the soul. It is the moon reflected in the water. In the silence of stillness are the workings of God revealed. Only when the waters of the mind and soul are still do we see the clear reflection of the heavens revealed there in.

If one draws Temperance in their spread or on its own it can symbolize that the situation requires a well balanced outlook, and that the Querent should have the ability to adapt to any circumstance of the situation at hand. It calls for innovation as well as good management of those resources surrounding the situation at hand. In the negative this card could reveal that the Querent has used poor judgment and thus this situation exists. It is possible that it is showing that the Querent is simply involved in too many activities as a superficial level and that scaling down is needed so that the Querent can focus more in-depth on one subject/area and become proficient at it.

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