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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Card 10-The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune represents change in one direction or the other in reference to the fortune cycle on the wheel itself. It is like Njord who was guardian of the wealth, or Zeus who was a bringer of good fortune, and even in one tale changed into a shower of gold in order to enter and bless a woman with fruit. It is representative of journey as a whole as well as solitary journey from one to the other.

The Wheel of Fortune resides on the path between Netsach (Victory) and Chesed (Mercy). It is representative of Victory tempered by Mercy. It is the path between the astral triangle and ethical triangle, which places it as a way for the journey to continue on the right hand pillar (mercy) from the world of Malkuth (earth).

In a reading when the Wheel of Fortune is drawn it can be symbolic of a movement from being without to being with something. This may come in the form of literal financial riches, but it may also reflect the spiritual riches/wealth. In the negative this card is a warning that a change may be coming from being with to being without. It should be noted that the Wheel of Fortune is a very difficult card to read simply by itself as there are too many factors involved. The future is never certain, never solid, so the interpretation is not a definite. Change is always difficult to read. It would depend upon the person involved, the question at hand, the surrounding cards, as well as the person's own choices even after the reading. The Wheel of Fortune can be likened to one coming to a cross-road. One path is right and one is wrong, and the choice is for the person to decide. No one can chose the right path for them. One can only be certain of one thing when the Wheel of Fortune appears, change is coming in one form or the other.

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