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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Card 12-The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is often misinterpreted and seen as a bad omen. It is under the sign of water, presided over by the water Gods such as Poseidon/Neptune. It is a sign that means change or activity and calls for flexibility. It is the old Mr. Lee saying, “Be water my friend”.

The Hanged Man on the Tree of Life is located on the path between Hod (Splendour) and Geburah (Severity). It is on the pillar of Severity, the left hand pillar of the tree. In this placement The Hanged man represents the self-sacrifice for the greater good. It is the myth of the pelican who pierces its own breast to feed its young. Furthermore it is every slain god who dies to bring life and love and light to the world.

If the Hanged Man is drawn in a reading or by itself is symbolizes a still in the water. In the positive it may represent your willingness to adapt or be flexible and to sacrifice in a current situation. If it is in the negative it may mean that you may have been inflexible and stubborn and unwilling to sacrifice and that has resulted in a poor outcome. If the situation is a negative the Hanged Man reminds that we did it to ourselves by our own actions. As the old saying goes “selfless services is its own reward”, which is why in its negative position it can mean being trapped in your own web of lies and deception.

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