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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Card 6-The Lovers

The Lovers represents the blending of masculine and feminine energies. It represents the harmony of beauty and understanding. It is the understanding of beauty in the higher sense of beauty, not of the earthly beauty. It is the spiritual beauty of the higher self that is realized through understanding.

The Lovers is on the pathway between Tipareth (Beauty) and Binah (Understanding) on the Tree of Life. It is this position that further clarifies the meaning of The Lovers in that though they are connected to Tipareth (Beauty) a more connected “earthly” sphere, they are connected to Binah (Understanding) which is directly connected to the Crown. This connection places the emphasis on the higher self and its recognition of spiritual beauty. It is not to say that earthly beauty is not recognized or even enjoyed, it is to say that the Lovers represent the seeking of or understanding of a spiritual beauty, and not carnal indulgence. The pathway between Tipareth and Binah is always two directional. The Lovers on this pathway can represent the journey towards or away from understanding through beauty.

If the Lovers is drawn by itself or in a spread (though in a spread the meaning would depend greatly on the surrounding cards) it generally represents the influence of this higher self and understanding on your life. It is the guide that your choices in life should be made from the higher self or the spiritual self rather than from your more earthly self or intellectual self. It may represent the need for harmony in your life, for the balance of the earthly with the spiritual. Though it could potentially signify an “actual” person it is wise to not mistake this card for the “perfect mate”. It does not necessarily symbolize an actual romantic partnership. It may simply be a person that comes into your life for the purpose of helping you to find that balance between Binah and Tipareth. In the negative the Lovers can represent being drawn toward earthly beauty and worldly pleasures at the expense of the spiritual.

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