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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Card 8-Strength

Strength is as it says a card representing strength. However, it is also a card that is more in-depth then just the appearance of physical strength. It is strength of character as well. It is the control of passion as well as mental and emotional forces. It is a card that also represents courage. It is the same as Ra Hoor Kruit god of the Sun, or Demeter and Venus. It is embodiment of all that is Leo in balance.

Strength is found on the Tree of Life between Geburah (Severity) and Chesed (Mercy). Strength forms a part of the Ethical triangle in this relationship. If we look at this pathway it is strength or severity tempered by mercy. If you have too much strength you are cruel, and if you have too much mercy you are weak. Strength then as the tarot is a symbol of true strength, not just a symbol of might.

When Strength is drawn by itself or in a spread (though as mentioned in previous discussions it does depend greatly upon surrounding cards) it can be seen in several ways. It can be viewed in the positive that you have learned to temper your strength with mercy in a given area of your life. It may represent that you have increased courage surrounding the question at hand. However, it very well might mean in the negative that you have too much mercy (weakness) or too much strength (cruelty) in a given situation. You may also have a lack of self-discipline and perhaps have become impulsive. It is a card that if drawn one should be reflective upon and take inventory of the current situation.

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