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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Card 18-The Moon

The Moon represents the intuition, dreams, emotional, and psychic aspects of our lives. It is the aspects of womanhood. It is the Goddess Artemis and Hecate. The Moon is also deeply connected with water and thus has the attributes also of the God Poseidon and Khepera. Think of the effects the moon has on the tides of earth and you have a good visual representation of what the Moon of the tarot has in store for the Querent.

The Moon is found on the path between Netsach (Victory) and Malkuth (The Kingdom) on the Tree of Life. This placement is a lesser reflection of the moon as Yesod is the actual sphere of Luna. As we are just passing through the Moon there is a danger of being led astray by astral images and mistaking those for the real thing.

When the Moon is drawn by itself or in a reading it symbolizes a great many things that all deal with the ethereal plane, or the plane at least not seen in the material world. In the positive it often symbolizes work that is done in the creative field or the field of creation. It may represent dreams, intuition, and even psychic work for the Querent. In the negative it may represent illusion or deception. It may also represent an inability in the Querent to distinguish truth from illusion, or perhaps an inability to deal well with reality.

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