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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Card 15-The Devil

The Devil is one of the cards in the tarot deck that for most will lead to the conjuration of pictures of the evil devil with the pitch fork. It seems to be the card of choice in almost all “B” grade horror flicks that the gypsy will lay down as a terrible omen to the poor man about to become a werewolf. There is some underlying truth to that depiction, as the card does represent the earth based matters but it is not always a bad omen. It is the god Pan. It is the god Priapus. It is the god Bacchus. All three gods of bounty and reproductive natures. The Devil is a card that represents the true force of nature. In that though do not be misled to think that this card is without its warning. Pan was quite infamous into tricking young maids to frolic with him thus giving up their maiden heads so to speak in one lust filled afternoon.

The Devil is on the path between Tipareth (Beauty) and Hod (Splendour) on the Tree of Life. It is recognizing true beauty instead of being trapped by earthly splendour. It is mastering our own passions instead of being led by those passions.

If the Devil is drawn by itself or in a spread it represents the aspects of earth or this realm. It represents the instincts or basic forces of nature. In the positive this card reflects a desire for material things. It reflects the Querent's understanding of their own needs or wants, and their power to obtain them. In the negative it represents an abuse of power, perhaps even corruption. It represents that the Querent in the given situation has become very self centered and is acting against even nature herself. It could very well be that the Querent is trapped by an illusion or living an illusion.

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