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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Card 7-The Chariot

The Chariot represents strength, will-power, self control, and balance. It represents understanding with the temperance of severity. It is like Thor going across the skies. It is like Mercury returning the messages to the Gods. It is like Ra ruling with power but with understanding. The Chariot is representative of the true understanding of true power.

The Chariot resides on the pathway between Binah (Understanding) and Geburah (Severity) on the Tree of Life. The location of the Chariot on the Left Hand Pillar which is the severity path is part of the reason for the Chariot's attributes. As with previous path work we can see that as one moves closer to the Divine in an upward direction we have positive attributes. If we move downward away from the Divine toward materialism we have negative attributes. In terms of the Chariot the closer we move toward the Divine toward the sphere of Binah we will have a leader who understands the power he possess. If we have more movement toward the material world we have a leader who has an excess of strength and hence cruel. In my personal view it goes right along with the saying “With great power comes great responsibility”. The chariot is also the center of stillness in the midst of movement.

When the Chariot is drawn by itself or in a spread (though it does depend greatly upon surrounding cards in the spread) it is a sign that there is a success that is the result of your own hard work. It could mean the mastery of one's life, or the mastery of self control or will-power. It could also be externalized to situations surrounding these attributes. In the negative it could mean that you have an imbalance in your life. It could mean that you are limiting yourself by traditions that are no longer relevant. It would be a time for self reflection as to your own character, how you are handling yourself despite the external forces at work in your life. Remember that if we simply look at the Chariot as a vehicle it was one that could not just be driven recklessly. It took a tremendous amount of strength to control the vehicle, as well as a tremendous amount of self-control. One could not simply go speeding around the streets so to speak. One could also not load one's chariot up with everything under the sun as the chariot would easily become unbalanced. In this sense, this card speaks to us about using discernment, carrying just what we need in life, and being responsible with what we do carry.

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