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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Golden Seal

It can be daunting when standing in the market looking at rows and rows of herbal supplements. For certain, I've had my share of dazed moments where I was so overwhelmed, taking a supplement seemed like too much work. The more I began to research online the more confident I became in approaching the lifestyle of using herbal supplements to help with ailments. Golden Seal is a must have for anyone's cabinet. It's mother nature's antibiotic. My first exposure to Golden Seal was when my six year old came down with pink eye and we were without insurance. I did a quick check online to see if there was anything we could do though I was skeptical because as a teacher I knew just how quickly this spreads from child to child at the elementary age. I came across a description of how to make a Golden Seal eye wash. Well, when you are without insurance and need a child well enough to attend school it was worth a shot. The worst that could happen was that it would not do a thing other than maybe take away some of the discharge. We followed the instructions for making the eye wash which amounted to boiled distilled water mixed with two capsules (emptying the capsules into the water to dissolve), letting the water cool to room temperature, and washing out the eye with three drops in each eye. The excess could be kept in a sterile container in the refrigerator for follow up washes. Four to perhaps six doses later the eye was completely cured in two days. He has not had an issue with pink eye since then.

As for using it for other ailments when the winter flu was going around I took Golden Seal using the recommended dose and kept away from the flu bug this year. I am allergic to the flu vaccine so I will say that this helped me a great deal.

As with any herbal routine always check with your physician first or consult with an herbalist or herb certified page.

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