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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For Attention

For attention…

Do you ever come across those writings where you shake your head and say “for attention”. I have come across quite a few in the last few weeks that I have to stop and wonder if it has something to do with the full moon we had recently! It is not that I do not think people should have a right to voice their complaints, questions, fears, or the like but at times I wonder if they really are just doing it for attention.

To provide a frame of reference I have written for a few places that offer advise and help to others in need. The need may be anything from physical to spiritual, but a need and a request for help. Well, it seems there are those in life who regardless of what you say to them want to reply with the negative. They want to say that nothing works, that they have tried everything, and that there could not possibly be another solution. However, they then again ask the same question.

In order to preserve my own sanity as it would be I must remind myself when dealing with such persons that they are simply in dire need of attention. I provide my advice, and I move along. It is not up to me to fill that void completely, but I can provide a bit of insight and plant the seed. That is probably the most difficult part about giving any sort of advice is that we must remember that at times we are just the sower, not the reaper.

So, in short, do not stop giving advice and helping those out who need help. Remember that you are not always going to be able to do it for the person. The person may have to very well learn for themselves and have that experience for their own journey.


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