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Thursday, December 1, 2011

99% Support-Not just for the holidays

We've all been following the local occupy groups in various cities and it is my hopes that we are all supporting the changes that need to occur. It is my hopes that we as citizens would understand that this is a life time change, and that includes our own shopping needs. It is the time of year that most of us are hustling and bustling to the stores and malls to get the latest cool toy, clothing, jewelry, and so forth for our children, significant other, or family. It is time to turn that shopping habit around and start buying from local vendors and artisans. There are many websites that host local artisans, and it is quite easy to start shopping local stores for the next the gift. This turns the revenue away from large corporations and sweat shops towards local residents and communities. I know from personal experience that it is easy to sit back and say "Well, it's cheaper", but is the decision to buy from large corporations really all together less expensive? Not really. Though in price it very well may be cheaper to by that $2.00 waffle maker but in order to have a price that low it means that people such as yourself in another country spent hours making them at low wages, and living in cramped apartments to do so. It just doesn't make the gift that nice when one begins to think about just how that item came into existence. Some of the most memorable gifts I received as a child were home-made. A home made wooden barbie doll set which included a dresser, closet, bed, and rocking chair. A hand-made baby doll complete with a dozen hand-made outfits. Do not think that children do not appreciate the home made gifts! Most of the special memories are about the experience, not how many of the latest gadgets they received. This is also a change that has to occur for a life time. It is not just limited to the holiday season. The more we as consumers support our local artisans and vendors the more we empower our communities and discourage the larger corporations. So make your life style change this holiday season, but keep it for a life time. Anora

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