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Friday, May 6, 2011

Significant Others

Don't treat your significant other as insignificant or they just might become so. It's very easy for us to come home from a bad day at work, school, or just our travels about the town and take it out on the spouse. It's very easy for us to sling our clothing about the clean bathroom without so much as noticing that the toothpaste stain we left that morning is now gone. It takes focus to realize that your clothes are not magically transporting themselves to the cleaning bin, the drawer, or the closet. It takes focus to notice that significant other is taking care of things when you are out and about doing business as usual. It takes a few moments to let them know you appreciate their hard work, to pick up after yourself, to lend a helping hand in the day to day running of the home that you occupy as well. Living with another is never just about one person.

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