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Friday, April 8, 2011

Repelling Magick

The following is a Voodoo ritual for dealing with someone who is tormenting you, spreading lies about you, harassing you or your loved ones, either on the material or the mental level. You can perform this ritual on the waxing moon (when the moon is starting to become larger).

Spread a black cloth upon your work area and place a white candle on the right and left sides. Take a picture of Hecate and place it in the middle of the cloth. Engrave a black candle three times with the name of the target person. Rub it with the juice of dieffenbachia (a common house plant called "dumb cane").(Make sure you wash your hands after working with this plant as the juice is toxic,or use gloves). I personally believe in being able to substitute for things with like properties if you don't have it on hand or do not feel comfortable working with some things. Say:

The tongue of (name) shall become mute and fail him, when he/she is spreading lies about me and saying untrue things.

Next, roll the candle in spider webs and say:

May (name) be caught in the net of his/her own intrigues and viciousness.

Then place the candle in the middle of the black cloth, before the picture of Hecate. In addition, write the name of the victim on a piece of parchment paper.

With the greeting of the fire spirits, light the white candles and then the black one. Burn the parchment paper with the name on it, while you say:

Here is (name) alone and helpless, emptiness and failure accompany you. May sorrow and desperation consume you. Stop torturing me or Hecate's ire will cove over you! O Hecate, avenging mother, assist me in my work and help me. Let justice prevail. Destroy the plans of (name). So be it by the might of the lady of darkness!

You can adapt the magic formula to the situation. When the candles are done burning you may wish to burn a cleansing incense. Don't forget to wash your hands from working with the plant. After the ritual wrap the remains in parchment paper. After darkness has set in burn the package in front of the target's house or on a road that he will use. If this is for someone that you won't physically cross but may have dealings with on an internet level you may wish to burn and direct the smoke towards the person's internet profile or perhaps a picture of the person online.

Spell taken and adpated from Voodoo Rituals by Heike Owusu

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