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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Card 20-Judgment

Judgment is a card that calls for the Querent to look Judgment in the face and decide if they have been fair in judgment, have all the facts, and have fully understood a situation before making judgment. It is the gods Hades, Pluto, and Vulcan. It is the Spirit of Primal Fire.

Judgment is found on the pathway between Malkuth (The Kingdom) and Hod (Splendour) on the Tree of Life. This placement is on the path of severity, and needs to be reflected upon. It is a path where if not careful there are many forms of judgment that can be made, and not all of them are good. It is a path that the magician must use restraint. He must research all of the variables involved before making a final judgment so his spell will not go awry.

When Judgment is drawn by itself or in a spread it is calling for introspection on the part of the Querent. In the positive it can call for a decision to be made with existing problems but that the Querent must choose wisely. It can indicate an awakening or even a renewal because of said decisions. In the negative it can represent poor judgment, judgment of others, judgment based upon preconceived ideas, judgment based upon assumptions or lack of facts. If in the negative it is a warning that the Querent needs to seek out all the facts.

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