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Friday, December 10, 2010

Is Santa a Vampire?

The following is a top ten list given to me by a friend (re-posted with permission) Galena whose mother came up with as a theory about Santa.


Top 10 Reasons Santa is a Vampire

1. he only comes out at night.
2. he's immortal
3. he can fly
4. he travels at a speed greater than any human can manage
5. he can only enter a home if he is invited, in writing no less.
6. people leave him offerings, perhaps so he will not resort to using them for dinner.
7. he can pass through small spaces, perhaps assuming the form of a mist.
8. he lives in a place where daylight hours are short
9. Sherry. well look at it. it's sort of dark red really.
10. maybe he's hiding fangs behind that big old beard.

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